DuPage Health and Wellness Center of Glen Ellyn, IL is Proud to Announce its New Lifestyle Improvement Program, 30 Days to Health

Glen Ellyn, IL (PRWEB) June 02, 2014

DuPage Health and Wellness Center of Glen Ellyn, IL is now enrolling participants for its new wellness program, 30 Days to Health, which custom-tailors a healthy lifestyle for each individual patient based on his or her own specific needs. Clinic owner Jim Flaherty stresses that this is NOT a dietrather, it is a lifestyle program geared towards improving health and quality of life. Unfortunately, due to unhealthy habits, many Americans are not in control of their own health and dont know what to do about it. If you think wellness is expensive, try illness, Flaherty quips.

The 30 Days to Health program involves undergoing regular chiropractic adjustments, maintaining proper nutrition, working with DuPage Health and Wellnesss experts to attain fitness goals, and taking time for relaxation techniques such as regular massages.

Each participants experience with the program is based on his or her own Wellness Score, which can range from A to F. A clients Wellness Score is based on a variety of bio-markers, such as body mass index, cellular health, core strength and flexibility, posture, and neurospinal function indexto mention just a few. The healthcare professionals at DuPage Health and Wellness take all these factors into account, assign each patient a grade, and design a personalized wellness program to address any problems or potential issues. We start first by designing a nutrition program that helps the patient feel better and then work on core strength and better long-term habits, explains Jim Flaherty.

Results can obviously vary depending on each clients initial starting point and his or her own needs. However, the program is designed to educate every patient and to develop new health and wellness-oriented habits that will bring benefits for years to come. Individuals who have tried the program already have glowing praise for it. Says one participant, I and two other people have done the program because we wanted to make sure it would result in positive changes. I lost 18 pounds and 4 inches in my waist during the 30-day program. What I learned has allowed me to maintain a much healthier lifestyle.

About DuPage Health and Wellness Center

DuPage Health and Wellness Center in Glen Ellyn, IL has been caring for patients in the community since 1998, providing comprehensive healthcare that bridges the gap between conventional and alternative medicine. The Center specializes in testing and treatments for the endocrine, gastrointestinal and immune systems as well as metabolic and general nutritional issues. The practice also offers chiropractic care, massage therapy, spinal decompression, orthotics, acupuncture and nutritional counseling.

DuPage Health and Wellness Center

800 Roosevelt Road, Bldg E Ste. 220

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

(630) 469-1527


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Hydration is essential for your health during winter snowstorms reports fresh water advocate Sharon Kleyne

Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) November 20, 2014

Nature recently dropped five feet of snow on the Buffalo, NY, area with more on the way. Accompanying news photos showed Buffalo residents digging with snow shovels and straining to push their cars.* Fresh water advocate Sharon Kleyne recently offered some health advice for people facing severe winter weather and unaccustomed heavy exertion: Keep the body hydrated by drinking a glass of fresh water before going outside and another when you come back in.

The Amino Diet Provides Health Coaching Services to Clients

Draper, Utah (PRWEB) August 04, 2014

The Amino Diet, a weight loss program provider, has begun offering individual coaching through weight loss health advisers to their clientele. They also have plans to redesign and improve their website at http://www.LiquidAminoDiet.com. This website will be revamped for user friendliness and is devoted to better aiding the Amino Diet clients in finding the help, products, and information they need.

The Amino Diet certified health coaches have already been able to help thousands of people lose weight, and this support system is a powerful tool to help their clients succeed in their healthy living goals. Clients are able to utilize health coaches assistance while on the program, and afterwards to help them maintain the weight loss they achieve. These coaches can be reached through a variety of methods, including over the telephone or by email.

LiquidAminoDiet.com will provide the products and necessary support to aid Amino Diet clientele in losing weight. More than providing information about access to health coaching, clients can use the site to purchase nutraceuticals to aid in their diet plan, read health and dieting tips, and learn Amino Diets dieting protocol for success.

Amino Diets developer and founder, Dr. Humble Finsand, has said, Our health coaching and website are specifically designed to empower our customers with the tools and applicable knowledge they need to meet their weight loss goals and achieve life-long results. Those who visit http://www.LiquidAminoDiet.com are also able to look through an array of reviews and success stories so they can be inspired by the successes and hard work of others who followed Amino Diets weight loss program.

The Amino Diet also offers a weight loss program for those suffering from diabetes (more information can be found at http://www.LiquidAminoDiet.com).

About the Amino Diet and Its Founder:

The Amino Diet was developed and founded by Dr. Humble Finsand, a chiropractic physician and the co-owner of The Amino Diet. Dr. Finsand has helped thousands of people lose weight at his clinic based in Utah, and online with the Amino Diet weight loss plan.

He received his professional degree in 2000 as a Doctor of Chiropractic, before that, he was a certified personal trainer & fitness coach. At his clinic, Pro-Active Health, he continues to work daily with patients, treating them and consulting them about chiropractic care, nutrition, weight loss, and fitness. Dr. Finsand is an active member of the Institute of Functional Health, which focuses on restoring health and function, rather than simply controlling signs and symptoms. His philosophy is to look at all components that contribute to health and illness: nutrition, physical activity, obesity, and the environment among others. In practice for over 10 years, he remains on the forefront of advances in nutrition, weight loss, and optimum wellness, and is passionate about sharing research findings and treatment solutions for patients and the general public.

After seeing the success of the Amino Diet weight loss plan with tens of thousands of patients and customers, Dr. Finsand then began developing the Amino Diet Diabetes program. This program follows the same guidelines as the weight loss program low glycemic diet and homeopathic supplementation but has added supplements and guidelines to specifically fit type 2 diabetics.

Both programs have shown great success in helping people reach their weight loss goals, get healthy, and improve their quality of life.

South Carolina is a State That is Ready For a New Health Care Approach

Simpsonville, SC (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

AlignLife is a chiropractic and natural health franchise focusing on their signature Five Star Services which includes Chiropractic, Toxin Elimination, Nutrition Enhancement, Hormone Balance and Weight Loss. Patients who embrace an integrated approach to health care are realizing not only results in their current symptoms but an entirely new outlook on life. I no longer look at trying to get up a flight of stairs but focus on my goal to climb a bigger mountain, says a long term patient of AlignLife. AlignLife is proud to introduce our newest location in South Carolina which will be located in Simpsonville at 419 SE Main St. Drs. Allie & Michael Hamstead are the clinic owners and practicing chiropractors at the Simpsonville location and is excited about serving the local community.

Dr. Michael Hamstead and Dr. Allie Hamstead are board-certified and licensed chiropractic physicians who graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic. Dr. Allie Hamstead was born and raised in the area and therefore feels a strong commitment to helping people within this community. Dr. Michael Hamstead graduated from West Virginia University with his Bachelors of Science in Biology and Dr. Allie Hamstead also received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of South Carolina. By serving a variety of age ranges and conditions, Drs. Hamstead are able to see and care for just about anyone in need of chiropractic care. This includes infants, children, moms-to-be, athletes, patients with disc herniations, and the elderly, amongst others. Applying a personalized approach to each patients needs, they use specific adjustments and techniques to achieve successful realignment of the spine and extremities. Their well-rounded approach in optimizing chiropractic care can be seen in the personal time they spend with each patient. Drs. Hamstead manage patient care by providing superior chiropractic treatment and specializing in nutritional care and illness management for each and every patient. Any person interested in chiropractic, nutritional counseling or both can be evaluated by Drs. Allie or Michael Hamstead.

Drs. Hamstead live in the Simpsonville area with their two dogs, Callie and Stella. They met in Chiropractic College and were married in Greenville, South Carolina in November 2013. They are expecting their first child in March 2015. When they arent in the office, they spend their free time running, seeing their families and reading. When looking for a Simpsonville chiropractor, call Drs. Hamstead for a free consultation.


AlignLife is a chiropractic and natural health franchise founded in 2007 with the mission to provide the highest quality of natural healthcare services to communities around the nation. The integration of chiropractic with other natural health services has proven to save time and money while reducing the hassles of dealing with the complex American health care system. AlignLife is operated by founder and CEO, Dr. Joseph Esposito and President, Dr. Cristina Esposito. There are currently 30 AlignLife locations within nine states around the nation and expansion plans are to have 40 locations by the end of 2014. For more information or to find a clinic new you go to http://AlignLife.com.

HealthForumOnline Updates CE Course on Diabetes for Mental Health Professionals

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

HealthForumOnline (HFO), a nationally-approved (APA, ASWB, NBCC, CA-BBS) online provider of continuing education (CE) for psychologists, marital family therapists, social workers, counselors, and other allied healthcare professionals announces updates to its online CE course The Psychological Impact of Diabetes: What Every Clinician Should Know. This is a relevant and timely course for health professionals as more than 25.8 million people in the U.S., or approximately 8% of the national population, have diabetes; 7 million of these cases yet undiagnosed (1). More than 26% of people over age 65 have diabetes (1). These statistics are even more alarming when one considers that the number of cases of diabetes is expected to increase by 42% in developed countries by 2025, largely as a result of lifestyle factors, including obesity. As alarming is the fact that 17% of youths in the U.S. have a Body Mass Index greater than or equal to the 95th percentile, substantially contributing to the increasing number of young people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Today, diabetes has reached epidemic proportions, notes Dr. Michelle Rodoletz, Clinical Psychologist and Director of HealthForumOnlines Continuing Education Program. In a disease in which blood glucose control makes or breaks the road to a healthy future, diabetics encounter numerous emotional and behavioral challenges that directly affect this control. The objective of HFOs online CE course is to provide mental health professionals and other allied health care providers with the tools necessary to understand the biopsychosocial complexities presented for patients with diabetes and to facilitate disease management.

This online CE course addresses specific clinical aspects of diabetes that may be affected by inadequate psychological adjustment to the condition. For example, understanding the association between diabetes and several common mental health and medical conditions is relevant when working with those with type 2 diabetics. The course also identifies practical theory- and evidence-based psychological interventions and strategies that can be easily adopted into clinical practice to improve mental health, disease management, and medical outcomes for people with diabetes.


About HealthForumOnline:

Mental health professionals can chose from HFOs 20 categories of continuing education (CE) topics related to health psychology and behavioral medicine (i.e., ethics, cancer adaptation, womens health, cultural diversity, eating disorders, reproduction/sexuality, aging, pediatric behavioral medicine, assessment, chemical dependency/substance abuse/addiction, chronic/acute illness, clinical intervention, mindfulness-based interventions, positive psychology, PTSD, group therapy, infectious disease, long-term care, neuropsychology, pain management, spirituality, LBGT issues) containing over 90 online CE courses that are fast, convenient and cost-effective. HealthForumOnline (HFO) is [approved as a provider of CE courses by the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC), the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB), and the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (CA-BBS). HFOs CE Programs Advisory Committee and authors are comprised of over 65 nationally-recognized experts in the field of mental health.

BMI ratings highlight public health blunders

BMI ratings highlight public health blunders
Like millions of other American parents, my husband and I received a warning letter from the BMI police last week. Our active, healthy 8th-grade daughter is “very lean,” according to her school-administered “Fitnessgram.” The national student body …
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Livingstone, Novant win 1000 grant to fight obesity at college
Biometric screenings gather vital baseline health information including blood sugar, cholesterol and body mass index. Baseline data will be used in personal health coaching sessions. Screenings will be conducted annually to measure results and …
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In US, Majority "Not Overweight," Not Trying to Lose Weight
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Equilibrium Health Launches Health, Fitness, Wellbeing and Weight Loss Website

Leeds, West Yorkshire UK (PRWEB UK) 27 November 2013

Fitness Training and Pilates specialists at Equilibrium Health in Leeds, have launched an online version of their studio-based business, The EQ Plan.

Founded by Jon and Claire Wray, Equilibrium Health has provided one to one fitness and Pilates training from its exclusive studio in the heart of Leeds for over 10 years.

A chance remark from a client was the inspiration for The EQ Plan. “A long-standing customer was leaving to work in Australia for three months and she mentioned how she wished she could pack up the studio in her case and take us with her,” explained Claire. “That chance remark led to what has become The EQ Plan. We offer all the services of the studio and more. Were now accessible from anywhere and at any time.”

The EQ Plan features an extensive video library, with Claire Wray teaching Pilates, Yoga and Barre Technique. Former Rugby League professional and Sports Science lecturer, Jon Wray, provides strength and fitness training videos and TVs Paul Darby – Everyman, Big Brothers Little Brother, The Salon and Housebusters – teaches positive breathing, meditation and Qi Gong.

In addition, The EQ Plan offers a 14 day weight loss programme, delivering 10 minute workout videos and eating plans for each day of the plan.

Jon Wray explains “The weight loss plan works on controlling appetite hormones and blood sugar levels through eating specific natural, whole foods. There is no calorie counting, supplements or shakes. Its all natural and not at all difficult to fit into daily life. We even recommend bacon, egg and mushrooms for breakfast! Combined with short burst of regular exercise, the weight loss plan really does produce fast fat burn. One of our participants lost sixteen pounds and four inches from his waist in a fortnight and the average weight loss is just under ten pounds.”

Further details of The EQ Plan can be found at http://www.theeqplan.com. The site offers a free trial, providing a day of full access to all EQ Plan resources.

Transforming Medical Practice through Electronic Health Records

NEWARK, NJ (PRWEB) March 10, 2014

About 15 years ago, an eye-opening report by the U.S. Institute of Medicine starkly quantified the impact of medical errors, concluding that as many as 100,000 lives are lost each year to preventable mistakes. In the ensuing debate over systemic reforms, paper medical records cumbersome at the best of times and illegible and poorly maintained at the worst emerged as one of the health care systems principal vulnerabilities.

Medical practices in New Jersey are now making substantial progress, however, in eliminating deadly mistakes such as dangerous medication interactions and gaps in disease screenings, by replacing their paper charts with electronic health record (EHR) systems. One of the key drivers of the states success on this front is an NJIT-led, federally funded organization, New Jersey Health Information Technology Extension Center (NJ-HITEC) that is working with more than 8,000 Garden State providers to collect, digest, and use their electronically stored patient data.

Since it was founded in 2010, NJ-HITEC has been one of the top-performing regional extension centers, or RECs, established by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, the federal agency responsible for advancing health information technology and the electronic exchange of health information.

As of this month, NJ-HITEC has more advisees 4,750 primary care physicians and specialists able to demonstrate they are using their systems in a meaningful way than any other REC in the country. The federal government defines meaningful use as the collection and storage of key data such as symptoms, vital signs, and other health metrics that the system can then act on intelligently, as in calculating a body mass index or creating a growth chart, among other measures. By inputting this data, as well as the treatment course they followed, doctors are also able to evaluate their patients performance on key clinical measures against national guidelines the EHR system provides.

Our mission is to transform the health care delivery system in New Jersey by implementing technology that will enhance the delivery of high-quality, timely care, says William OByrne, NJ-HITECs executive director. Electronic health records help us monitor drug interactions, speed up the delivery of medications through e-prescribing, reduce the time it takes to refer patients to specialists and to receive reports back from them, and, importantly, to eliminate redundant tests and treatment.

Physicians say that electronic medical records are particularly helpful in caring for patients with chronic health problems, allowing them to keep close tabs on recommended testing.

I can follow patients who have diabetes and check if they have had an HBA1C, (a key hemoglobin test) prior to them coming into their appointments. If not, I will contact the patient and send him or her to the correct lab so the result can be discussed during the visit. This only takes a minute and would have taken up to a half-hour on paper charts, says Douglas Ashinsky, M.D., an internist in Warren. This allows me to take better care of my patient during their visit.

By creating patient registries a patient population data set that allows population management Ashinsky said he is able to compare his performance to regional and national guidelines for clinical care to ensure that we are following these guidelines and giving patients the best possible care.

My EHR system has helped me catch both cardiovascular disease and colon cancer in the early stages by identifying patients at risk by age group and family history who had never been screened, says Paulo Pinho, M.D., an internist in Milburn. I may be treating that patient for a cold, but the system enables my staff to check for outstanding screenings and make necessary referrals.

Pinho said he has increased the percentage of patients in his practice with an average risk for colon cancer who have been screened for the disease and the results documented in the electronic record, from 5 percent to 90 percent between 2009 and 2013. The low number, he said, included patients who may have been screened but for whom the office had either no documentation or were untrackable due to mislabeling. The comparable national figure is 53 percent, he notes.

Medicare will begin penalizing practices that cannot certify they are meaningfully using electronic health records by 2015.

Many New Jersey practices have already moved on to the next stage of EHR implementation, defined by health IT regulators as Meaningful Use Stage 2, by exchanging information with other health care providers so their patients transition safely and successfully to other phases of care, and by allowing patients to view their own records electronically through patient portals, notes Balavignesh Thirumalainambi, NJ-HITECs meaningful use director.

In the final stage of the process, Thirumalainambi says, EHR systems will assess providers adherence to evidence-based treatment standards and will assist them in their clinical decision making to improve the quality of healthcare, thereby also reducing the cost of care.

As the system evolves, we will also see more interoperability among providers that will improve both safety and efficiency, says Pinho, who is currently working to create a virtual exam room that will allow patients, their family members, and all of their doctors to review their records to better coordinate care, including cross-checking medications and eliminating duplicative testing.

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