Doctors Best Weight Loss Launches New Website

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) August 13, 2014

Doctors Best Weight Loss, a leading source of diet and bariatric food and meal plans, has launched a new website, The site has several new features, including diet programs customized for specific nutritional needs. The company has also launched a sale to get customers excited about the website.

Christian Forster, President and CEO of Doctors Best Weight Loss, says the new site was created with customers in mind. The development and creation of the new website and content has taken over a year to complete, but we feel that these enhancements will ensure a superior user experience for our online shoppers, said Forster. There are many companies which just give clients the bare minimum and expect them to be satisfied, but we wanted to put customers first, offering an easy to use site, along with stellar service and products.

The biggest change to the website is the Doctors Best Weight Loss diet program selection. Now dieters can choose from 12 customizable nutrition programs: bariatric, diabetic, gluten-free, aspartame-free, kosher, vegetarian, low carb, low cholesterol, low fat, low sodium, high fiber and high protein. Customers can then choose from multiple flavor options and ship management methods. The variety of programs helps customers accomplish a wide range of nutritional and weight loss goals.

Doctors Best Weight Loss will still offer the food its customers expect. Protein bars, protein shakes, smoothies, diet snacks and chips, soups, meal replacements and full meals are all available to dieters.

The company has also initiated a spend more, save more promotion in conjunction with the new website launch. Customers who spend $ 50 or more will receive a gift card for NutriWise and ProtiDiet products. Spending $ 50 earns a $ 5 gift card, while spending $ 100 earns a $ 20, and spending $ 150 earns a $ 30 gift card. The sale ends at the end of the month.

Doctors Best Weight Loss is dedicated to providing its customers with the very best in quality bariatric food and meal programs. It helps customers reach their weight loss goals and develop better eating habits with food programs created with the help of physician, nutritionists and fitness experts.

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Metabolic Enhancement Training Review Exposes Scott Abel’s Program for Bodybuilding

Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) July 26, 2014

According to the Metabolic Enhancement Training program review recently updated by, this is a comprehensive bodybuilding program that helps men lose body fat and build muscle simultaneously without using anabolic steroids. The program also instructs men how to melt fat and gain lean muscle without cardio.

Vkool reveals in its review that this program includes a series of exercises and workouts that can help men get ripped and jacked at the same time. Vkool also informs in its Metabolic Enhancement Training program review that this program is divided into 3 parts for weight loss effectively including:

6 Minutes to Skinny: Review Examining Craig Ballantynes Weight Loss Program Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 24, 2014

6 Minutes to Skinny focuses on pushing the bodys buttons and kicking its metabolism into high gear with only a few minutes each day rather than prescribing unpleasant, sweeping changes to ones diet or lifestyle. This has caught the attention of HealthyandFitZone.coms Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

Our 6 Minutes to Skinny review shows that Craig Ballantyne, the programs creator, has taken the time to understand exactly how your body responds to food and exercise. Rather than having to wade through a bunch of information you dont care about, you can also jump right in and get started on your favorite topic, reports Stevenson. Split into a series of short, informative videos, each contains a condensed presentation on a specific topic, so that you can pick and choose what to watch and when.

6 Minutes to Skinny also includes a set of videos called 6 Minutes to Skinny Morning Boost that detail a plan to kick the bodys metabolism into overdrive in less than 5 minutes each morning. People also get Morning Metabolic Boost Recipes that are designed to augment the exercises in the videos provided. Specifically formulated to leave one feeling full of food and energy while pumping up the metabolism, these shake recipes use simple, healthy, natural ingredients. The 7-day fast start guide is a quick listing of secrets compiled from successful users of the program. This guide suggests what videos to watch, what things people should eat, and what little things they can avoid in order to lose weight as fast as possible.

Based on scientific research and boasting a pedigree of wonderful success stories, the program stands apart from other diet programs. Craig provides citations to medical journals and scientific research to back up his claims. The program includes exercises, snack tips, diet information, shake recipes, and a cheat sheet about how to squeeze the most out of the program, says Stevenson. You dont need a gym membership or fancy equipment to do the movements it describes. The movements described are fast and easy to do, and will leave you feeling fresh and full of energy, not drained, sore and unable to work. You dont need to buy expensive powders or supplements to make the smoothies or utilize the diet tips provided. Its a perfect fit for any lifestyle.

If youre tired of not losing weight via traditional methods, the 6 Minutes to Skinny program is for you. Its tailored to easily fit into the lives of busy adults who dont have time for either fancy diets or long, complicated exercises. Split into multiple videos, the program allows you to progress at your own pace and tailor your progression through the program. If youre looking to lose weight, no matter how busy you are, or how many other programs have failed to work for you, the program is for you. Its not just a bunch of exercises or a list of recipes, but a comprehensive weight loss package with loads of bonus content.

Those wishing to purchase 6 Minutes to Skinny, or for more information, click here.

To access a comprehensive 6 Minutes to Skinny review, visit

Related Weight Loss Tips Press Releases Releases New Product Review of Popular Fat Loss Supplement

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) August 18, 2014

Perhaps the greatest dilemma with weight management is that people are too busy for a proper lifestyle balance. And for many people, it is simply unrealistic to make a significant change to bad habits during periods of intense obligations relating to work and family.

This effect becomes all the more relevant at the onset of warmer, shirts-off weather, often affecting one’s decision to be seen in public at the pool or beach.

So how can a viable balance be achieved?

The answer to these questions is the same reason why weight loss supplementation (along with cutting edge fitness programs) has been explosive and ubiquitous in popularity. In other words, people have been flocking to the shelves for weight loss and fat burner pills to eliminate the fat that a busy lifestyle invariably causes.

Enter RealDose Nutrition and its eye-level shelf item, Weight Loss Formula No. 1. The product has a scientific name, appropriately, because its approach reflects a deep understanding of the science of fat loss. Specifically, its ingredients work against the three main fat-producing hormones (insulin blood sugar; ghrelin hunger cravings; and cortisol belly fat).

By reason of its demand and trending success, 2014 promises to be explosive for RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1.

Summarily, the Weight Loss Formula No. 1 supplement unlocks the body’s natural fat burning potential by acting upon the hormones that normally prompt weight gain.

In fact, two separate ingredients in this formula are both proven in human double blind studies to double weight loss, and RealDose has effectively combined them together with a third component, also effective even by itself. For more information about the ingredients and effectiveness, has made a detailed review available here.

Further, weight loss seekers also want to know that a product is safe. RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is stimulant-free, decaffeinated, and non-addictive. It can be taken with any meal plan and weight loss program, without conflict. Finally, it contains only natural ingredients – no GMO, gluten, dairy, eggs, or soy.

It is important to understand what makes the RealDose formula effective, in contrast to the myriad “gimmicky” and incomplete products burdening the retail shelves these days. To this end, emphasizes a visit to its website for the RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 review.

Here’s the RealDose website link, where plenty of information on the product is available. is a free-spirited site where author and chief editor Henry Rearden enjoys profiling and reviewing fresh sometimes trendy – new products to hit the health market. Anything in the periphery of health and well-being is fair game for Henry to pull off the shelf for a look-see.

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Aespala MedSpa & Plastic Surgery Announces Grand Opening in Chicago

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 12, 2014

Aespala MedSpa and Plastic Surgery, under the guidance of board-certified Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael A. Marschall, is excited to announce their grand opening in Oak Brook, IL.

We are very much looking forward to meeting individuals in Oak Brook and Greater Chicago who are interested in our traditional spa, medical spa as well as plastic surgery services, Dr. Marschall recently stated. I work together with patients to determine realistic goals and prescribe a course of treatment that is safe, effective and long-lasting. I am committed to providing each of my patients with compassion, confidentiality as well as beautiful, natural-looking results.

Dr. Marschall is a Diplomat of The American Board of Plastic Surgery, a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as many other prestigious organizations.

Aespala Med Spa & Plastic Surgery is unique among Chicago medical spas and plastic surgery practices for a number of reasons. Specifically, the entire team is devoted to providing patients with a great experience and great results, utilizing the latest non-and minimally invasive technology and advancements.

From body contouring procedures like breast augmentation (breast implants), breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), minimally invasive, minimal downtime ProLipo laser liposuction to Vanquish non-surgical fat reduction, Aespala provides a wide variety of options to help Oak Brook patients achieve confident curves and a slim, trim silhouette. Aespala also offers safe, effective weight loss injections to compliment body contouring procedures or to fuel fat loss on its own.

In addition to plastic surgery for the body, Aespala is proud to offer facial rejuvenation procedures that can defy the signs of aging with natural-looking results. Dr. Marschall is renowned for his facial rejuvenation work, such as facelifts, brow lift, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) and nose reshaping (rhinoplasty).

Aespala also contains a thriving medial spa, offering Greater Chicago a wide variety of non-surgical, non-and minimally invasive options for younger-looking skin and more. From injectables like BOTOX

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Smithson tries to fight off mindless eating
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Stop Weight Loss Competitions in the Workplace
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Affordable Care Act Increases Demand for Online Behavior Change Courses

San Diego, California (PRWEB) May 01, 2014

Cognitive behavioral change expert Lou Ryan, founder and CEO of SelfHelpWorks, reports that sales inquiries regarding the behavioral change companys health-related online courses have increased sharply in recent months. Ryan says a significant contributor to the increase is the reasonable alternative standard required by the Affordable Care Act for wellness program incentives offered by group health plans.

One of the ACA strategies for improving health and controlling healthcare spending was to create new incentives that promote [employer wellness programs and encourage a healthier workplace, said Ryan. These incentives can be hefty up to 30 percent of the cost of medical coverage (or up to 50 percent in the case of tobacco cessation programs) and they come in many different forms. But they cant be offered in a way that discriminates against employees who cant meet a certain wellness program goal, and thats where we can help.

Ryan went on to explain. Lets say your wellness program offers a reward to all employees who participate in a 5K run/walk or perhaps who achieve a certain weight-related goal. But what about someone who has a medical condition and its either too difficult or medically risky for them to take part or meet the goal? They must also be given a chance to qualify for the reward, even though they cant meet the specified health-related standard. Thats when reasonable alternatives such as our online behavior change courses come into play. Of course, an added benefit of our courses is that they arent simply educational they are designed to result in sustained behavior transformation.

SelfHelpWorks offers evidence-based multimedia online training courses that empower participants to deactivate the emotional response mechanism that causes unhealthy behaviors related to food, tobacco, alcohol and stress, as well as courses for fitness and diabetes management. The courses employ a unique cognitive approach that does not require participants to use willpower, and based on the evidence they work well. For example, a large wellness program that offers the SelfHelpWorks courses compared the annual Health Risk Assessment scores of 250,000-plus members. 33 percent of those who took SelfHelpWorks smoking cessation course reported that they had quit smoking, and 62 percent of those considered obese who took the food/weight management program reduced their Body Mass Index (BMI), with an average 12% reduction in BMI.

A sampling of course tutorial videos and sample sessions can be found online, and further information can be found on the company website at


SelfHelpWorks delivers evidence-based digital health coaching courses designed to produce permanent results in areas such as weight loss, exercise, alcohol management, tobacco cessation and stress management. Whereas other online coaching courses typically provide education, SelfHelpWorks’ time-tested Structured Cognitive Behavioral Training approach produces genuine transformation. Since 1979 SelfHelpWorks founder Lou Ryans courses and process have been licensed by insurance companies, government agencies, major hospitals and corporations nationwide. Now, thanks to modern technology, all of the SelfHelpWorks courses are delivered conveniently and affordably via the Internet so that virtually anyone can take advantage of them.

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